Is Mulch Good For The Garden?

Is mulch good for the garden? You may have come across this question many times and often you get the answer that mulch is good for the garden. However, there is more to the question is mulch good for the garden than you may think. Mulch is a very good organic soil additive which helps retain moisture in the soil for a longer time. This will ensure that the garden gets ample water and nutrients from it.

Mulch prevents erosion. It provides a protective cover against severe weather. This in turn ensures that your plants recover from any damage caused by frost, rain or snow. The organic matter mulch contains willow and spruce boughs, which are very good for the garden. They also help prevent weeds from growing in the garden.

Is mulch good for the garden
Is mulch good for the garden?

In case of clogged drains, which usually happens after heavy rains, mulch can help solve this problem. Mulch keeps the soil cool by reducing the temperature. It helps retain moisture in the soil, making it ideal for the growth of plants. This protects the garden from any heat wave that can result from prolonged summer heat. So mulch is a very good organic matter which you should add to your garden soil.

There are some other reasons why mulch is good for the garden. When the organic matter mulch is added to the soil, it makes it very soggy. It gives a good base for any plant to grow on. In case of any plant, including lawn, which needs to be watered frequently, then mulch is the best solution. This will not only save you time, but money as well.

If you have a garden and a pool, then it is a very good idea to mulch the garden. The mulch acts as a natural fence, which helps keep the water in. As we all know, the more water you have, the more efficient your garden looks. The mulch will act as a water reservoir and will save you a lot of time and money. You don’t need to run water all the time to keep your pool clean.

A mulching lawn also helps you to conserve water. The mulch prevents the evaporation of the water. It is a perfect substitute for soil when it comes to evaporation. So mulching your garden will help you save a lot of water, which is not only good for the plants, but also for you. Moreover, it prevents the formation of moulds on your plants.

Are you wondering what benefits mulch has for the garden? The benefits do not end here. They increase the life of your plants, protect them from any insect or fungus attack, prevent droughts and save you money. You do not need to water or fertilize your garden often, which is a boon to the environment. There are many additional advantages that you will come to know only after you start using mulch.

Why do you want to go in for this? The answer is pretty simple. Chlorine is a cancer causing element and by making use of it, you can cut down on cancer very effectively. If you want to live a long life, try to minimize your exposure to chlorine and other chemicals. Do you have plants in your garden? Then mulch should be your first option.

What about tree stumps and old trees? They too require protecting. Tree stumps take up a lot of space and are a pain to try and maintain. They can get decayed and their stumps collapse, releasing toxic materials. This is a very harmful effect that can spread all over your garden if not attended to in time. So make sure you have a cover to prevent this from happening.

There is another major advantage that you will come to realize only after you start using mulch in your garden. It keeps the grassy areas neat and tidy. When you walk through your garden and see a layer of leaves, that means there is grass growing on the soil surface. When you mulch it, you help to prevent this layer of soil from getting damaged and clogged with mud and other solid waste.

Is mulch good for the garden? Definitely! Do you have any other alternative?